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About Reward Salad
Reward Salad is integrated marketing network
between card members and store members.

  • Card member can get benefits such as adding cash value, discount, participating in event for only member, premium service etc at all participated member stores.

  • In addition, card member has many options to spend his/her accumulated cash value including paying with points at member store as cash.

  • Store member can get more loyal customer by giving various benefit to card members within Reward Salad Network.

  • All process is managed by Reward Salad Network.

  • You can go to any participating stores to get a card or you can email us at info@rewardsalad.com
    Please provide us with your name, address, email and phone number to receive a card.
    It is FREE! Your card will be already activated and ready to use. To redeem, however, you must register your card.
Salad Guide

(ex. If you purchase $10 from a store that adds 3%, you can earn 30 salads)

  • 1 Salad =1 point = 1 cent (ex. If you purchase $10 from a store that adds 3%, you can earn 30 salads=30 points = 30 cents) Card member can add and redeem salads (points) without online registration.

  • My Pending Salads (Points)
    When transactions occurred in participating merchant member stores, Salads will be available to use like cash after 14 days pending period.

  • My Available Salads (Points)
    My Pending Salad will be converted to My Available Salads after 14 days.
    When salads are transferred from Pending to Available Salads, service fee will be applied.

Salad Network
  • Card Members
    Can add and accumulate points from various participating merchant members. Can benefit by various events such as discounts and promotions. -more

  • Merchants
    Can acquire loyal customers by adding and redeeming points. With this program merchants can build revenue, build better relationships with loyal customers. -more

  • Website
    Our websites will provide interactive tools to add points, view transition history and current status. Moreover, various promotions and events can be viewed.

  • Bank
    Deposits or withdrawal out of merchants account based on transaction in certain period.

  • Affiliated Partners
    Expand market, cardholder and merchant members. -more

  • Loyalty System
    Proves authorization on each transaction and transaction DB to website and members.
Salad Guide Network Expansion

Reward Salad's initial network will begin in Southern California (Los Angeles & Orange County) and New York/New Jersey area in 2011

Many businesses from restaurants to retail stores are joining our network in order for our card members to get the most out of our Reward Salad network which will expand to many US major cities such as Washington DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas within the next few years.

Reward Salad card offers many benefits to the users. You can collect salads (points) from our participating merchant stores, on your Reward Salad Card. Once the salads (points) have accumulated, you can redeem them and use them in our participating stores.

Add points at many participating merchant members
Redeem points at many participating merchant members
Events information and participation